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I am a lifelong learner.  I am constantly seeking out the best strategies to help instruct learners of all ages.  I find my passion in breaking down complex topics into manageable and engaging pieces.  I am innovate, driven, focused, and a resourceful individual dedicated to creating exceptional learning experiences for adult learners.  

Starting as an Environmental Engineer, I trained adults in regulatory compliance which led me to changing career paths into the instructional arena. For over 20 years, I taught in a public high school in Pennsylvania teaching all levels of science specializing in chemistry.  I am innovative in my approaches and highly celebrated in the instructional community for my ability to teach content either in-person or virtually.   Through a variety of instructional strategies, I have successfully utilized project-based learning to connect content to real-life applications.

As an Instructional Designer, I collaborated with performance development teams on cross-functional projects. I utilized end-to-end design in creating learning experiences. In addition, I incorporated instructional design process methodology to the curriculum including analysis of the requirements, job task analyses, development of curriculum maps, storyboards, flowcharts, performance objectives, learning activities, and evaluation and measurement strategies.  I detailed delivery methodology and strategy, structured curriculum lesson guides, and other instructional materials to drive consistency of delivered products.  I applied creative learning solutions including interactive activities using a deep understanding of specialized content.

I am tech-savvy and love the chance to add new applications to my expanding toolbox.  I am constantly improving and welcome any opportunity to work in a team-centered environment.

Please reach out to chat.  I can be contacted through LinkedIn.